Most people don’t want to talk or think about child sexual abuse. It’s a difficult topic and sometimes a frightening one, too. However, no matter how difficult it is to talk about, the reality is that child sexual abuse can potentially affect many different kinds of families: rich, poor, old, young, and all racial and educational backgrounds. Talking and thinking about it is necessary because that’s the only way to come up with ways to prevent it or to help children who are affected by it.

Clarendon Learning worked with industry professionals to study, and compile many great resources to help you address this difficult topic and bless the lives of those who have been impacted by any kind of abuse.  Download our resource guides to learn more.

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Abuse Lesson Plan - Grade 1
1st Grade
Abuse Lesson Plan - Grade 2
2nd Grade
3rd Grade
Abuse Lesson Plan - Grade 4
4th Grade
Abuse Lesson Plan Grade 5
5th Grade
6th Grade