Careers from A to Z


The lesson introduces students to some of the basic skills needed for most careers, as well as bringing an awareness to several career opportunities.  Students are at an age when they do not need to make a career choice, but it is helpful for students to be exposed to the numerous careers that will be available to them in the future.  The lesson may be used in conjunction with a planned “Career Week or Day”, and the additional resources can be used to expand the lesson for the week.  Teachers must also be sensitive to, and aware of, some students in the class who may try to “rank” or label jobs negatively, or unimportant.

Careers from A to Z Lesson Plan Includes:

  • Full Teacher Guidelines with Creative Teaching Ideas
  • Instructional Content Pages about Careers from A to Z
  • Hands-on homework activities about Careers from A to Z
  • Answer Keys
  • Common Core State Standards
  • Many Additional Links and Resources
  • Built for Grades 4-6 but can be adapted for other grade levels.

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The lesson introduces students to some of the basic skills needed for most careers, as well as bringing an awareness to several career opportunities. The lesson notes the difference between a job and career, and then lists a large variety of career possibilities. Some skills that may be  needed for various careers are also listed. The lesson could be used in preparation for a Career Day event.

Sample Classroom Procedure / Teacher Instruction: 

  1. Ask students: What are two or three careers that interest you the most and tell why?
  2. Allow for responses and discussion. Students should specific about the reasons for a career interest.  Ask students if there are careers they would never want to consider and why.
  3. Allow for responses and discussion. Introduce students to Careers from A to Z.  Before beginning the content, stress to students at their young age, they have many years to decide about a career for the future, but during those years it is helpful to explore the different careers available.
  4. Distribute Careers from A to Z content pages. Read and review the information with the students.  Save the final question for the lesson closing.  Use the additional resources to enhance understanding.
  5. Distribute Activity page. Read and review the instructions.  Allow students time to access the Internet for the activity.  Each student must choose a different career or job for their poster.  It is important for students to browse some of the careers listed on the site shown (or other sites).  Tell students to research more than one career before choosing one for their poster.  Distribute the supplies.  Allow time for students to complete the poster.
  6. Following completion of posters, each student presents it to the class. Display the posters.
  7. Distribute Practice page. Check and review the students’ responses.  Students share one or more of the 5 jobs they have chosen.
  8. Distribute the Homework page. The next day, check and review the students’ responses.  Students share the responses to the interviews.  Ask what they learned about careers.
  9. In closing, ask students: Now that the lesson is over, what changes, if any, have you made about careers that might interest you or those you would never want to consider?
  10. Allow for responses and discussion. The opening questions are asked once again to show students that sometimes learning about new careers may influence decisions.

Common Core State Standards:


Class Sessions (45 minutes): At least 3 class sessions

Additional Resources:

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