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Alphabetical Order Lesson PlanAlphabetical Order Teachers Guide

Alphabetical Order


Our interactive, free downloadable PDF Alphabetical Order Lesson Plan teaches students the steps necessary for alphabetizing and how to apply these steps to place words in alphabetical order.

Alzheimer's Disease Lesson PlanAlzheimer's Disease Teachers Guide

Alzheimer’s Disease


Our Alzheimer’s Disease lesson plan teaches students about Alzheimer’s, including what it is and what it does. Students also learn strategies for speaking to someone with Alzheimer’s and learn characteristics of the disease.

America's Founding Fathers Lesson PlanAmerica's Founding Fathers Teachers Guide

America’s Founding Fathers


Our America’s Founding Fathers lesson plan teaches students about the Founding Fathers’ contributions to the development of the national government. Students learn about their contributions both as a whole and as individuals and learn about their lasting legacy.

Amphibians Lesson PlanAmphibians Teachers Guide



Our Amphibians lesson plan teaches students about amphibians and their defining characteristics. Students also learn related vocabulary and practice identifying amphibians as a part of this lesson.

Analyze Patterns and Relationships Lesson PlanAnalyze Patterns and Relationships Teachers Guide

Analyze Patterns and Relationships


Our Analyze Patterns and Relationships lesson plan teaches students various strategies they can use to find patterns in groups of numbers. Students practice identifying patterns and relationships using these methods in addition to creating their own number patterns and relationships.

Analyzing Literature Lesson PlanAnalyzing Literature Teachers Guide

Analyzing Literature


Our Analyzing Literature lesson plan teaches students a five-step strategy for analyzing literature. Students practice using these steps to analyze example literature and learn related lesson vocabulary.

Analyzing Patterns Lesson PlanAnalyzing Patterns Teachers Guide

Analyzing Patterns


Our Analyzing Patterns lesson plan teaches students strategies for recognizing and analyzing patterns in mathematics. Students also learn to generate algebraic rules and find missing terms from a sequence.

Ancient Egypt Lesson PlanAncient Egypt Teachers Guide

Ancient Egypt


Our Ancient Egypt lesson plan teaches students about Ancient Egypt and includes an overview of the culture and its impact on future civilizations. Students learn specifically about the pyramids, daily life, hieroglyphics, and other aspects of the Egyptian culture.

Ancient Greece Lesson PlanAncient Greece Teachers Guide

Ancient Greece


Our Ancient Greece lesson plan teaches students about Ancient Greece and includes an overview of the culture and its impact on future civilizations. Students learn specifically about the Olympic Games, Greek Mythology, gods/goddesses, and other aspects of Greek culture.

Ancient Mesopotamia Lesson PlanAncient Mesopotamia Teachers Guide

Ancient Mesopotamia


Our Ancient Mesopotamia lesson plan teaches students about Mesopotamia with an overview of their civilization, the people who lived there, and more. Students learn related vocabulary and learn facts about Ancient Mesopotamia.

Angles Lesson PlanAngles Teachers Guide



Our Angles lesson plan teaches students about various types of angles and how to use a protractor to measure and draw angles. Students solve practice problems where they have to find missing angles during this lesson.

Angles and Degrees Lesson PlanAngles and Degrees Teachers Guide

Angles and Degrees


In our Angles and Degrees lesson plan, students learn about how to measure an angle in degrees. Students learn that there are 360 degrees in a circle and complete practice problems that deal with these concepts in order to solidify their understanding of the lesson material.

Angles and Equations Lesson PlanAngles and Equations Teachers Guide

Angles and Equations


Our Angles and Equations lesson plan teaches students different ways that angles can be used to find missing angles in equations. Students also learn how to use addition and subtraction to find the measure of an unknown angle.

Angles with Circles Lesson PlanAngles with Circles Teachers Guide

Angles with Circles


In our Angles with Circles lesson plan, students learn about how circles and angles are related. Students learn how to measure angles using circles and also learn other relevant lesson vocabulary.

Animal Adaptations Lesson PlanAnimal Adaptations Teachers Guide

Animal Adaptations


Our free downloadable PDF Animal Adaptations lesson plan explores the various adaptations animal use for survival. During this lesson, students are asked to work in pairs to create a “new” animal, with its own adaptations for survival, and prepare a presentation that introduces their creation to the class, strengthening their public speakin

Animal Behavior Lesson PlanAnimal Behavior Teachers Guide

Animal Behavior


Our Animal Behavior lesson plan teaches students about the two types of animal behavior: learned and innate. Students learn to define each type and give examples of them.

Animal Camouflage Lesson PlanAnimal Camouflage Teachers Guide

Animal Camouflage


Our free downloadable PDF Animal Camouflage lesson plan teaches students the basics of camouflage, including the different types and which animals use it. During this lesson, students are asked to engage their creative imagination as they work in pairs to create and draw new animals that use specific types of camouflage. Students are also a

Animal Classification (Grades 1-3) Lesson PlanAnimal Classification (Grades 1-3) Teachers Guide

Animal Classification (Grades 1-3)


Our Animal Classification lesson plan for grades 1-3 teaches students about the basics of scientific animal classification. Students learn about specific classification criteria and practice matching traits to the correct classification.