Word Endings


Most young students are aware that changes can be made to words simply by adding a suffix or word ending.  The lesson discusses the word endings, the change in the word, and helps students understand how to read the words correctly.  It is recommended students receive the opportunity to read words aloud as much as possible without and then with an ending.  The lesson may be used with other lessons related to basic reading skills.

Word Endings Lesson Plan Includes:

  • Full Teacher Guidelines with Creative Teaching Ideas
  • Instructional Content Pages about Word Endings
  • Hands-on homework activities giving students practice with Word Endings
  • Answer Keys
  • Common Core State Standards
  • Many Additional Links and Resources
  • Built for Grades 1-2 but can be adapted for other grade levels.

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This useful lesson discusses common word endings, how those endings change the words they are applied to, and how to read the changed words correctly. Spelling patterns and syllables are briefly mentioned at the opening of the lesson. Common word endings such as -s, -ed, and -ing are listed with examples. The lesson can be used in conjunction with other lessons related to basic reading skills.

Sample Classroom Procedure / Teacher Instruction: 

  1. Ask students: How can words be changed?
  2. Allow for responses and discussion. Responses may include: adding or taking away letters, adding the letter -s, etc.  Accept all reasonable responses.
  3. Display the inflectional endings: s, es, ed, ing. Ask students how the group of letters can make changes to words.
  4. Allow for responses and discussion. Introduce Word Endings.
  5. Distribute Word Endings content pages. Read and review the information with the students.  Save the final question for the lesson closing.  The teacher may choose to include exceptions to the rules.  Use the additional resources to enhance understanding.
  6. Distribute Activity page. Read and review the instructions.  Distribute scissors.  Allow time for students to create lists of words, changing the root word spellings if necessary, such as dropping an -e.
  7. Once completed, each pair of students share some of their words from the list. Ask students to share words ending in -ed with different ending sounds.  In addition, ask students about words that have changed from one-syllable to two-syllables.
  8. Allow for responses and discussion.
  9. Distribute Practice page. Check and review the students’ responses.
  10. Distribute the Homework page. The next day, check and review the students’ responses.
  11. In closing, ask students: What is your favorite word ending and why? Make a list of ten words using the ending.  Allow students time to create a list of ten words.

Common Core State Standards: 


Class Sessions (45 minutes): at least 2 class sessions

Additional Resources:

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1st Grade, 2nd Grade


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