Clarendon Learning is happy to announce the expansion of our lesson plans to meet the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills standards.  We’ve loved creating these lesson plans that truly stand apart from the rest.  Unlike other providers, where you only receive a limited amount of resources and often find your self combining two or three lesson plans or searching multiple websites to find the materials you want, Clarendon learning lessons come pre-loaded with everything you could want to successfully teach any topic.

In any Clarendon Learning lesson you’ll find:

  • Fully developed lesson plans for many subjects
  • Customizable lessons for your student’s unique needs
  • Handouts and hands-on activities
  • Interactive elements that engages students
  • Quizzes with answer keys
  • Classroom procedures with fun teaching ideas
  • Video resources
  • and more

Download a Sample TEKS Lesson

Compounds and Mixtures
Weathering And Erosion
Dictionary Use